After winning the primaries in New Jersey, California, New Mexico, and South Dakota on June 7, 2016, Clinton addressed her supporters from a rally in Brooklyn.

Clinton addresses the historic milestone we have achieved by her nomination, thanks her volunteers and supporters (calling out her friends in New Jersey–a group I am honored to be a part of), and assures the American people that she will “always have your back.” Reaching out to supporters of Senator Sanders, she congratulates him for his campaign, notes the similarities in their positions, and distinguishes her agenda from the agenda of her Republican opponent. These parts of the speech contribute to her effective ethos. She evokes pathos in appealing to her audience’s identities as Americans. Her references to the Declaration of Sentiments and to her mother’s lessons to her not only appeal to the women’s rights values of her supporters but also tell them who Clinton is as a candidate and as a person. Her argument that this election “really is about who we are as a nation” is the strongest element of her logical appeals.

What do you think are the strongest of her appeals to her audience? How do you think this speech compares to her Beijing speech delivered over twenty years earlier? How has she changed as a rhetor?

A full transcript of the speech

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