Rebecca Traister’s book Big Girls Don’t Cry: The Election that Changed Everything for American Women analyzes the role of women and the changes for women from the 2008 election. She not only analyzes Clinton’s first primary run but also Sarah Palin’s nomination for vice president and Michelle Obama’s roles while campaigning for her husband. This particular excerpt sets Clinton’s first run in the context of other women who have run for office and examines the Hillary-hate that emerged from it.

You can read the introduction in the Google Books preview of the book and an excerpt from her chapter on Palin in one of Traister’s articles on Salon.

How can we apply Traister’s analysis to these pieces by Shirley Chisholm and Sarah Palin? What examples can you give from Clinton’s current campaign to add to Traister’s analysis?

Was 2008 the “election that changed everything for American women”?