I chose this ThinkProgress article for a few reasons: it showcased (albeit in a lighthearted way) Hillary Clinton as an icon, a female role model, and a demi-god among mere mortals. But on a serious note, Hillary Clinton’s career, presidential aspirations (and eventual party nomination), and her grace has spurred another movement of hope; one which encourages citizens to take courage (despite rampant sexism and doubt), devote themselves to public service, and aim to be the strongest leader you can be.

Clinton’s cameo on the show Broad City was a clear attempt at appealing to young voters, like Ilana and Abby’s characters , however, since all she said to the them as they were fawning over her was “it’s alright, just take your time,” it would be difficult for anyone to say this was dripping with partisan rhetoric. To me, it seemed that the way Ilana and Abby fawned over Hillary as a larger-than-life figure who represented all their social and political ideals, in contrast to Hillary’s poised but content demeanor, was juxtaposed intentionally to show all the dimensions of Hillary. To her fans, she was/is larger than life – she renders them hysterical but speechless, but she is also a person, who walks, and blinks, and can try to calm frenetic people.