The American presidential campaign has always been followed by people around the world and especially in the Middle East.A region ruled by presidents who are elected once and for a lifetime.Each existing regime has long sought to stay in power by ensuring an American approval for its policy and its existence.This is due to the influential impact of American Foreign policy on the balance of power in the conflicting region.

Since Hillary Clinton has been a well known figure in the Middle East, the 2016 Presidential Campaign has a special significance.As first lady,Hillary Clinton played an important role in promoting the Arab- Israeli peace talk.Moreover,as Secretary of State ,the Arab Spring had the courage to bloom at the beginning in Tunisia and Egypt before turning into a bloody spring in Syria,Libya and Yemen.

Hence,the nomination of Hillary Clinton as the New American President raises many speculations and expectations in the Middle East.In an international Arabic Daily, Joyce Karam  writes this article  trying to voice the Middle East concern .As Karam writes:

“Clinton’s approach of “smart power” in conducting foreign policy predicts a centrist and pragmatic strategy abroad if she were to be elected President in November.”

However,the article presents both the concerns and hopes that awaits President Hillary Clinton in this conflicting region.

Will President Hillary Clinton  rise to these international expectations ,especially after being a former Secretary of State?or Will she be more concerned with national problems ,trying to eradicate divisive traces left by her opponent, and disregard any international demand?