Hillary Clinton’s career has often been compared to that of her husband’s. Given his success and popularity it is no wonder that her career and political ambitions have been overshadowed by those of the former President. The media tends to focus on how Hillary is not like Bill, and how she lacks the charisma that made him so popular and likeable. In class, we spoke about Bill Clinton and what it means for her campaign that he is supporting her using his popularity and charisma; it seems that he is given credit for her success in the sense that his role as president, especially that he was a likeable president, helped advance her into the political world. What is often not addressed, is how Hillary deserves credit regarding her own success as well as Bill’s. This 2013 article does a good job in exposing Hillary’s role behind her husband’s political success and her own.

What I found particularly significant is that this article praises Hillary for the same characteristics that’s she is normally criticized for. For instance, she is described as having powerful demeanor and presence instead of being depicted as overwhelming and controlling. It also gives a different perspective on the cheating scandals, which have come to haunt Hillary and her campaign. Being that Bill Clinton is he who is and that Hillary was first lady and played the role of the supporting wife so well, we often forget that she had a career and life independent of that role. She is portrayed as an active figure in the cheating scandals, she made the conscious choice to fight for her family rather than the passive wife who stuck around or the power hungry politician who stayed to save face.

This article focuses on many different aspects of Hillary Clinton but I want to specifically focus our discussion on the way the author portrays our rhetor, and how it plays into the way we perceive her. (Being that it’s a really long article I think the first half is more important to what I want to discuss on so it’s okay to stop reading once the article goes into depth on Bill’s childhood as it goes on to focus on a lot of what other classmates have posted.)


image via history.com