Watching this video, one would be hard-pressed to think of HRC as anything other than a supremely trustworthy presidential candidate. Here we have diverse constituencies represented–among them a self-professed nerd, young girls, a Bernie supporter, the elderly, immigrants, and LGBTQ–all painting Clinton as a no-brainer choice. Listening is depicted as a virtue early on in the video, and at the end, a couple mentions that they trust her “because she trusts us,” alluding to the rhetorical move of building the audience’s ethos rather than her own. So is this video effective at dissipating the aura of untrustworthiness that some would say surrounds her image as a politician? If not, how?

As an aside, I love that the video creators had to insert the same shimmying clip of her twice, presumably because they were at a loss for other appropriate footage of her dancing or otherwise letting loose.