“Nearly every women sitting at home has experienced a version of the nasty woman moment, though probably not on national television.”

Since Trump’s lovely outburst during the Third Presidential Debate, the “nasty woman” phrase spread like wildfire, launching the hashtag #IamANastyWoman as part of a feminist movement.  This Vox article says that this is what makes Hillary more relatable to female voters.  Women everywhere have – at one point, in some form – been the victim of a sexist attack, and this one toward Clinton had more women voters empathizing with her (even if they were on the fence about her before).

Watching Trump show his blatant disrespect toward his opponent sparked a lot of emotion in me, first in shock that Trump had said such a thing, and then in empathy and admiration for Hillary and how she handled the situation. Clinton remained the most composed and continued through her time as if nothing happened.  I think that her visual and verbal rhetoric response to Trump’s shows the strength Clinton has and will continue to have as a leader, and it stands as a powerful symbol for women everywhere.  I side with the writer in that this sexist attack helped Clinton and may have unleashed the feminist in every woman.  Do you agree?  Does Trump’s comment make Clinton more likable, especially in women’s eyes?