A couple of recent articles that address points and questions we have posed in class:

How does the media shape public perceptions? We certainly have a lot of evidence on the cable news effect, but this article addresses those who get their news from Facebook.

What rhetorical strategies should Clinton use against her opponent? We’ve talked about delivery a lot, and this video of Clinton explaining how she prepped for the debates addresses her delivery. I like how the commentary on the video names one of her strategies the “listening woman face.” It gets back to our discussion of silence and listening as rhetorical strategies.

This video on Amy Kobluchar, senator from Minnesota, discusses leadership style, and the stakes for having more women in government.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Holds Ceremonial Swearing-In For 65 House Democratic Women

Two things stick out about this video: one is the statistic that there have been 1,917 male senators in our nation’s history and only 46 (!) female senators. The other is this great point that encapsulates the kind of rhetorical strategies women must employ in politics:

Speak softly and carry a big statistic

It gets to women’s logical and ethical appeals.

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