After a longer than long election, the fear of tomorrow seems to be heavier; however, we are still here. After fighting the hate smeared across the lense of our nation, we have made it our leader; however, we are still here.

We are still here, so now starts the real work. Work to keep the rights women, children, the LBGTQ community, African-Americans, immigrants, and more minority identities have gained. Fight, protest, riot with discontent and immobility. We are still here, so we must speak up, and speak out. Remind the kids, we are still here, so it time to get to work.

Historical moments of change are moments of Kairos- the perfect situation- usually elevating acceptance and love; however, when these moments are born of hate, the darkest timeline will follow. This election took tally of [minorities’] place in our world, we are not seen- we are dismissed.