Hillary Clinton’s presidential run was powerful. While not successful, her campaign proved to be a historic milestone for feminism. Despite the failures, we must look back on Hillary’s achievements as the strongest female presidential candidate in U.S. history, especially in terms of the difficulties women have faced in political participation. This article  presents a troubling connection  between the past and the present with regards to feminism and the women’s suffrage movement.

The American psyche has changed, and so have attitudes towards women in politics. However, the extent of that treatment and diversity is still quite limited despite nearly a century after establishing the 19th Amendment.

In fact, as someone who’s said “Nobody has more respect for women than I do,” Donald Trump certainly sounds a lot like a politician from 1915 (Frank Clark), who shared a similar “sentiment” in regards of respect for women:

I do not wish to see the day come when the woman of my race in my state shall trail their skirts in the muck and mire of partisan politics. I prefer to look to the American woman as she always has been, occupying her proud estate as the queen of the American home, instead of regarding her as a ward politician in the cities … The American mother, the American woman, has my admiration, my respect, and my love—

These statements reflect society’s high expectations on female politicians, yet it appears these words are not reflected in many politicians, and even throughout Trump’s supporters. I do not see these words as matching up with their actions.

How do you think the current political feminist movement will fair under the Trump presidency? Do you think there will be a strong uprising in feminist movements within the next four years?

Since Hillary has a history with white feminists, do you think this loss will push them to help or protect women of color? What changes do you think need to happen? Finally, as asked in the article, do you think women’s suffrage was a failure in this election? Or is gender completely unrelated to Hillary’s loss?