In this conference call from Friday night, Hillary thanks her volunteers and continues President Obama’s soothing sports analogy when she congratulates them for “leaving it all on the field.” The overriding message is one of gratitude for their work and the reminder that it hasn’t lost its exigence or its impact.

She also thanks them for the values they represented in the campaign, again building up the audience’s ethos instead of her own. She mentions the relationships, friendships, and connections made that will remain significant in the coming years. She acknowledges the pain of recovery (I cringe a bit at this because it reminds me of my naiveté) and exhorts us to “take some time to regroup” with loved ones. With a warm laugh, she recalls the uplifting photo that’s made the internet rounds of her taking her dog for a walk in the woods. Ultimately, though,

“This campaign wasn’t about one person or one election, but about coming together to build a better, stronger, fairer country. That work didn’t end on Tuesday.”

And at 5:10:  “I hope you will find the people or organizations that are working on something close to your heart and join them, and if you don’t find such a group, then who better than you to start one? Because you really do, in my very strong opinion, represent the best of America.”

Are you convinced by Clinton’s call to political activism in the aftermath of the election? Did she carry out any rhetorical appeals, emotional or otherwise? I’d love to hear your reactions to this piece of what I thought was partly unscripted rhetoric.