Hillary Clinton and Beyond

A Hunter College Rhetoric Course Fall 2016


This is the course site for Professor Wendy Hayden’s fall 2016 rhetoric class at Hunter College, CUNY. We are studying Hillary Clinton in the context of rhetorical studies and her historic candidacy in the context of women’s history.

We experimented with a crowdsourced syllabus where students chose the readings (except for the first few class sessions).  We also collaborated on the description and guiding questions for the course. Finally, we produced this course summation post where you can read about how we explored the questions we posed in the course description and the projects that resulted from the course.

We hope this site is useful to you as you explore the role of gendered rhetoric in the election. We have used tags to make the site easier to search and have also provided a few teaching resources. Please let us know how you make use of the site.

Professor Hayden can be reached at whayden@hunter.cuny.edu.

Date Readings 
Wed. 8/31 Declaration of Sentiments

Clip from Miss Representation

Klein, “Understanding Hillary”

Wed. 9/7 Clinton, “Women’s Rights are Human Rights”

Clinton, June 7, 2016 speech

Mon. 9/12 Campbell, “Hating Hillary”
Wed. 9/14 Chisholm, “Announcement”

Palin, Speech to RNC 2008

Traister, Excerpt from Big Girls Don’t Cry

Mon. 9/19 NYTimes: The Libya Gamble

“The Real Clinton Foundation Revelation”

Wed. 9/21 Humans of New York

Hillary’s First 100 Days

Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Hearing Coverage

Mon. 9/26 Bill Clinton DNC Speech

“Nobody’s Looking at You”

The Role of Gender and Motherhood

Wed. 9/28  How Small Are Your Hands?

Hillary Clinton and the “Superpredator”

 “Writing Bill Clinton: Mediated Discourses on Hegemonic Masculinity and the 2008 Presidential Primary”

Wed. 10/5 A Deadpan Hillary Clinton Visits ‘Between Two Ferns’

Iconic Hillary

The Rebranding of Hillary Clinton

Mon. 10/17 What Hillary Wants

The Onion: Hillary Clinton’s Redesigned Website

The Rise of the Rhetorical First Lady

Wed. 10/19 Apologies To Hillary Clinton

From Spouses to Candidates: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Elizabeth Dole, & the Gendered Office of U.S. President 

Mon. 10/24 Live Tweeting the First Presidential Debate

What a Hillary Clinton nomination means for the Middle East

“Rhymes with Rich”: “Bitch” as a Tool of Containment in Contemporary American Politics

Wed. 10/26 The Testosterone Takeover

Jewel Purpose

Mon. 10/31 Hillary Clinton’s Breakout Moment at Wellesley College

Vox: “Nasty Woman” Becomes the Feminist Rally Cry Hillary Clinton was Waiting For

 The 2008 Gendered Campaign and the Problem with “Hillary Studies”

Wed. 11/2 To the First Lady, With Love

Kairos, Rhetorical Situation, and Snark

Mon. 11/7 Do You Trust Her?

Cable News Has a Sexism Problem

Wed. 11/9 Open thread to discuss results
Mon. 11/14 Hillary Clinton Post-Election speech

Obama Post-Election speech 11/9

Mon. 11/21 Do They Really Respect Women?

“Bernie Bros and Woman Cards”

Mon. 11/28 The Atlantic: “Women Aren’t Responsible for Hillary Clinton’s Defeat”

Ebony: “What Do Black Women Really Think About Hillary Clinton’s Nomination?”

Wed. 11/30 Clinton on the Call

Appealing to the ‘Intelligent Worker’

Mon 12/5 “Visibility & Rhetoric- Selma March 1965”